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                   Call of Duty: Andorid Mobile

Muhammad usman

 Official call OFDUTY®, specially designed for mobile phones. With 100 players on the Royal Battlefield at any time. Play maps and multiplayer mode anywhere. Call the 5 Speed   Destroyer Sniper War or Sniper War for free. Mobile is everything.

Play for free on your phone.

High quality HD game consoles on the phone; Custom controls; Features voice chat and exciting 3D graphics and sounds. Now you can enjoy the thrill of the world's most popular shooting game on your mobile phone and enjoy entertainment anytime, anywhere. It can be easily felt anywhere.

Favorite Game Modes and Maps

Get popular free multiplayer maps for the first time in Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare. Or connect with friends on the new Royal Survival Map of War! Play with 100 people Have fun with millions of players around the world.

Customize your own unique download process.

CALL OFDUTY®: By turning on MOBILE, you can type letters, Weapons; You will be able to unlock and purchase a variety of scatter costumes and custom landing gear. These graphics include Battle Royale and interesting multiplayer PvP modes such as free-for-all frontline team match, Search Destruction; Influence Score

Competitive social game

Use your skills and tactics to get to the top of PvP or play with friends in this free and exciting multiplayer shooter game. Conquer most tribes by competing against millions of friends and enemies.

Choice and complexity

It includes games, Events Whether in controls or downloads, CALL OFDUTY® - MOBILE can deepen and deepen the ever-changing experience.

What do you need to compete with the best competitors?
Show. Your suggestions on how to improve the game are always welcome. Please contact us in Settings> Settings> Save> Game.

Sign up for the latest news! ---> profile.callofduty.com/cod/registerMobileGame
Note: You need an internet connection to play this game.

In this app you can chat with your friends; Be aware that there are social features that allow you to play and send notifications to let you know about exciting events or new content in the game. You can choose whether or not to use these features.

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Obligation to apply in person only for mobile phone is 100 players Battle Royale, Battlefield somewhere? Ready for the 5v5 team? Horrible zombie action? A sniper fight against a sniper? Responsibility: Play shared call launching play: It is in mobile.

Play on your mobile phone

Non-standard sound on your phone; Send a message Listen to high-quality HD games on your phone with amazing 3D graphics and sound. Enjoy the world's favorite shooter anywhere on your phone.

I like games and cards

Releases unique multiplayer cards from Call of Duty: Black PS and Call of Duty: Play with friends on the modern map of war or royal liberation, where hundreds of people are fighting. Enjoy joining millions of players around the world.

Set up your container

Call of Duty: A celebrity weapon that lets you adjust the load while playing on a mobile phone; Clothing; This load is delivered in a smooth multi-user PVP mode: 5V5 command compatibility; Not everyone is a pioneer in the search for birth and destruction;

Competition and social play

Use your skills and strategies to reach the opponent's level or fight these millions of friends and enemies to play this multiplayer shooter to get the highest tribal rewards while playing with friends.

Choice and complexity

Game process Manage or download events; Responsibilities: Mobile brings sophistication and depth to change.
Responsibility: Mobile staff fast!

Note that this program lets you chat and play with friends. The game has a social feature that invites you to report exciting events or new topics. You can skip these features.

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Additional Information :

Update :18 january 2021

Size : 88Mb

Installed : 100M+

Current version : 1.0.19

Requied Andorid : 4.3 up to 10 



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