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Muhammad usman 
A public call is a general call plan that includes a text message, a text message, and a caller ID. Receive numbers: real phone calls, text messages - anonymity, send free text messages to the app, call everyone at low prices, get a unique social security number from the United States or Canada for free, even if not you can call your phone number. Switch your device to a tablet. Get another number without having to select another SIM card for another task.

You have many options to get a loan, the simplest requires a tube. Earn extra points by doing fun activities, watching fun videos, and playing casual games.

Basic calling functions

Ginopal without Oz:
Don't call for the same price
Genetically Cheap VoIP Calls or SAV for International Business Calls
Use the Wi-Fi or data packet (3G / 4G) to make VoIP calls on your tablet.

Sexual text with text B
Send a text message:
React quickly when you are busy

Get a loan
You need a feeding tube
Definitely a fun activity
Exciting videos created especially for you
Belts fill your mind with a sign of happiness

Caller ID:
Real-time number recognition even through contacts
Receive reports of over a million spam numbers worldwide

Dabta a real personal number
Choose the correct phone number in the United States or Canada
Not everyone has calls, but they do

A mobile phone can be built
Not everyone has calls, but they do
Connect your phone to the tablet

All new emoticons!
Like all emoticons, emoticons and Twitter emoticons are different
3000 instant text 3000+ Face Lenny, Emoji icons Smile icons are available for free

Completely personal
Immerse yourself in music like never before
Adjust the lens according to the photographer
Bubble text, color change, size can be adjusted

Badan looks good
Share emoticons with friends և Share smiling faces with friends via SMS
You can send all text messages and text messages by sending a speed dial
Replace the wire foam
Edit your email address as you wish

Contact us

We are constantly working to improve text messaging to meet your needs, such as text messaging. Feel free to post or say questions or comments. We would love to hear it. Tell your friends when you have a good conversation.

thanks for the help
Your conversations will be shared


Free phone app with Wi-Fi or cellular data.

The Freckle app can help you communicate with friends around the world, even if you don't have access to the world from one of your cell phones and cell phones.

Settings to get a score of 2000, call now. It will receive 5,000 invitations.

More than one country, no hidden charges, no international calling programs.

WhatsApp Free supports VoIP calling applications, G729G711, etc., so you can make free calls from anywhere in the world.

The phone is dead
- Even if the customer does not have an Internet connection, free calls allow you to make calls abroad in many countries.

Touch clean and stable
- can make and receive various calls, such as phone calls

No credit calls required
- has many options for borrowing, the simplest is a hand. Able to earn more by doing a fun job.

Compatible with devices like Huawei, Samsung, Nexus and others

Additional Information

update : 20 november 2020

Size : 8.6MB+

Installed : 10M+

Current version : 1.2.9

Requied andorid : 4.1 up to 10



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