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Muhammad usman

 Phone calls and text messages to all numbers in the US and Canada. Toll free phone number by email. No trials, no hidden fees - absolutely no fees!

- Get your phone number by email
- 100% free calls in the US and Canada - no details
- Enjoy free text (SMS), instant messaging (MMS)

Free software for free

Freiton gives you the best online experience as the best mobile messaging app. Like other phones, you don't have to pick up points or pay for it. Call a US or Canadian number and speak for free, fast and free.

New functionality available and easy to use

- Get password for your Android phone
- Television calls to US and Canadian phone numbers
- Get free (real SMS) on all numbers

- Login easily via email, Facebook or Google
- An easy way to save your money on all devices
- Easy texting, HD chat and free video chat

Great free and unlimited software
- Good quality and the VoIP application is running temporarily
- Good education and 40 sms in 40 countries

Share your favorite times with your friends

Send and receive MMS, multiple photos and videos from your Android phone as a tablet on any device. Invite your friends over to Freeton to enjoy video calling. Send audio and picture messages, share photos and videos easily with your clients. Easily share your notes, photos and videos with your friends and messaging groups.

Inside and architecture

Unlike apps like this, you don't have to pay or receive information to call a US or Canadian number or use the same app. Check out her beautiful print! Free phone displays in the US or Canada won't pay you. It's free and paid.

We feel comfortable

- Choose your favorite entry in this field
- Free calls in the US and Canada
- Only save minutes with new numbers and voicemail

- Send free text (SMS) and photo (MMS) messages
- Share photos, notes, groups with everyone
- 40 products are sold in Mexico, Dominica, Brazil

- Chat online for free and use words like a real phone
Calling and texting is also easy for international numbers
- Invite your friends to open HD videos and more!

We are ready to see you again!

There are limitations:
- Free calls in the US and Canada for free
Hawaii, Alaska and other regions don't get free support
- Free communication under Latin American domestic / foreign laws
- For calls to your number, the first five minutes are free, with the chance of getting your phyton number for a small fee.
Free SMS and Call in the US for Canada numbers in the US and Canada
- 911 is not supported
- Free songs


There is again : 3.25.2

  1. Android 7 or later installation notifications.
  2. Repairs and repairs.
  3. Look for multiple speakers.
  4. Contact information Show contact picture
  5. The wired cable shows the true color of the cell phone.
  6. Be your own voice.
  7. Our team works relentlessly every day to change your sea. 
  8. Answer the question Answer the question 

 The plan says: I have

  •     Search your device account
  •     Check your personal card
  •     Add or delete accounts


  •     Search your device account
  •     Change your relationship
  •     Check your message


  •     Call now
  •     Read phone settings and settings

Wi-Fi connection information

  •     Show network connection

My camera

  •     Take photos and videos


    Applicable within the list

  • Images 
  •  Media 
  •  News

  •     View contents of a USB storage device
  •     Modify or delete parts of the USB storage device


  •     View contents of a USB storage device
  •     Modify or delete parts of the USB storage device

  • Your phone number and

  •     View phone settings and preferences


    Personal location (GPS and GPS based)
    (On line)

Shown below

  •     See house number
  •     Search the Internet
  •     See settings
  •     Use Bluetooth settings
  •     Develop further action plans
  •     Take care of sleep
  •     Use device account
  •     Stop playing
  •     Turn Wi-Fi on and off
  •     Full internet access
  •     Enables or disables the connection
  •     Enter a link
  •     The first step
  •     Convert audio video
  •     Show network
  •     See Google settings
  •     Suitable for Bluetooth toothpicks
  •     Network changes
  •     Set up your account and password
  •     Power transmission 
  •  Care management                


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