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If you want to use WhatsApp and other features, you can download and install GBWhatsApp APK on your device.

The developers have modified the WhatsApp plugin to meet their real needs, such as editing documents, editing content, configuring the Internet, and using WhatsApp accounts. This gives you special privacy and you are free to use this mod.

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If you haven't used it yet, register now. You don't need to download and install the app on your device. Describes the planning and installation process.

There are many apps on the market like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. WhatsApp is still popular for its features, but keep in mind that there are other features that appeared in the WhatsApp version. This is a great app for users and has great features.

GBWhatsApp is today's oldest and latest WhatsApp platform. This is another special option on WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp may be similar to OGWhatsApp, but it has many features that need improvement GBWhatsApp has great features. You can browse the following.

Features of GbWhatsApp:

GB Whatsapp APK 2021 has created many features and services that you can use on your mobile phone. Below are the features of GB Whatsapp

Answer: First, if you want to reply to your friends at any time, you can use this automatic reply.

DND: If you are using another app on your Android smartphone and you don't want to stop WhatsApp messages, you can use DND permissions to stop the communication. Direct internet connection with GB Whatsapp app.

Multimedia messaging: Allows you to send messages from groups. This is great.

Messaging: GB Whatsapp APK with filtered content also provides clear chat options for users to analyze information.

Delete information: Extended message.

Shared Address: In addition, users can share their address with their friends on GB Whatsapp 2021.

Best practice: Users can add their own features when sending photos and videos to friends and family.

Delete multiple words: You can delete multiple words at the same time.

Upload most photos: Plus, you can upload more than 90 photos at the same time while using the official WhatsApp app. You can also send 50MB video and 100MB video audio to your subscribers.

Conclusion: In addition, a key has been created for this WhatsApp theme change. So, there are many beautiful themes and emojis that you can use on your phone as a fashion accessory for yourself.

Item Download-Another feature of this app is the ability to download event photos, videos and more.

Big Fonts: Tired of old fonts? You can use this customization option to select the desired font. You can customize your favorite fonts with this product.

Record history: You can view the deletion history of contacts in the group.

Switch to contacts: You can change the appearance of contacts in the gallery.

Select the check box. You can select the check boxes on the display.

Select all the right cars: With this app you can select all the cars in front of the door at the same time.

Hidden Status: You can hide the privacy of your records.

Delete Photo: You can send high quality photos with GBWhatsapp.

Record history: In addition, users can view the history of all their contacts.

Language: For more information, you can use this language to select the missing language.

Notifications: This app allows you to be notified when one of your contacts changes your profile picture.

Pop-up: An additional advantage of GB Whatsapp APK is that you can hide the pop-up status of your app on the first screen.

Application name GBWhatsApp APK
Android 4.3 version or later
The latest update of 12.03.1
The total number of downloads exceeds 4,000,000
Software size 53.5 MB
No way required. No way required.
How to set up WhatsApp results and add functions
1 day before the last day of renewal


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