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 * A completely new version of our application will make it easier for you to use *

Our service sends text messages to temporary phone numbers from anywhere in the world.
In Canada and the United States

Our phone number allows you to check and register on various free sites.

See Facebook, Twitter, Google, Uber and more

The phone number is deleted and all messages are deleted within 2-3 days

The virtual phone numbers provided will be updated and new every 30 days

All of our important numbers can receive messages from anywhere in the world, even if people send them from anywhere in the world. In the end, the service will always be minimal and free. If you need a free internet service in a country that is not available now, please check back later as we continue to add new sites and numbers.

It is very easy to receive SMS on the Internet in case of problems
Free SS

The SMS application will give you some phone numbers to which you can send SMS to different countries, but the messages will be displayed in the application.

- To view the SMS you received, click on the phone number you sent
- Phone numbers for this application do not charge more than regular SMS and do not pay hidden fees.
- Use the "Fresh Page" button to check for new SMS messages and the "fake number" button to copy the video card number.
- A green field will appear on the left while the number is "online" and a red field if the number is "offline".
- You will see that the SMS has reached this number in seconds
- All messages are displayed, nothing is ignored
We help you receive SMS from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are, your IP address or your device.

We have a variety of virtual phone numbers where you can receive SMS from all over the world. It provides convenience and convenience when registering and testing a website

The beauty of these virtual phone numbers is that they can be discarded and deleted at a specific time. Every month you receive a new virtual phone number so you can receive SMS from anywhere in the world. If we have a number for each country, you should check back later, as we always add new countries to the distribution.
Receive SMS online at any time with our temporary virtual number. We provide toll-free numbers and telephone numbers for SMS telephone checks With one of our usable numbers you receive SMS OTP in seconds and enjoy the second number for any WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or any other website.

New phone numbers are available in more than 100 numbers in 9 countries
* United States
* England
* Canada
* Poland
* France
* Spain
* Estonian
* Brazil
* Belgium
* Lithuanians
* Sweden
* Denmark
* Australia
* More +

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, we receive SMS to our phone numbers from around the world, and virtual phone numbers give you full access to the entire website and registration. These numbers are temporary and all messages will be deleted within 7 days. The virtual phone number is updated weekly with the new phone number Even if the sender is in another country, all our numbers can receive SMS worldwide Finally, the service will always be free

Because we know that privacy is very important, you can maintain the confidentiality of your information when you access the online SMS services of these different companies with our pre-virtual numbers. We have no more than one day of messages and use a secure connection to service our content.
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We receive SMS from different parts of the world through our phone numbers in the USA and Canada. You can subscribe to many free websites with our virtual phone number. See Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. The phone is deleted and all messages are lost.

Additional Information: 

update : 04 december 2020

Size : 10 MB

Current version : 1.1

Installed : 10K +

Requied andorid : 4.0 up to 10 

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