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                 Secure messenger SafeUM

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 SafeUM is the complete solution for secure communication. Encrypt instant messages, voicemail messages, group chat files.
We've made it our goal to ensure optimal protection for mass application communication applications.
The Algemal Elliptic Curve 256-bit key encryption algorithm provides a high level of protection to meet your standards and requirements for protecting your confidential information.

Safe is the best solution for secure communication: business with private municipalities.

Why switch to SafeUM?
Secure message functionality.
- Encrypted group chats
- Registration without SIM card, including login and password only
- Using 3 accounts simultaneously on one device
- The history of the conversation can be closed on both sides at the same time
- Limit the number of messages displayed
- Reverse platform
- Account access control
- Account approval history
- Free encrypted audio-video calls on the SafeUM network
- Technical cooperation

- The local device is not stored on your device. You always have secure access to your data. Never lose your data again!
- Advanced encryption mode
- Check your caller ID keys with QR code
- Three levels of account access with three postal codes
- Your personal information is not available on social networks (such as Wi-Fi)
- Security alert due to hacking attempts
- Create dynamic secret keys for each message
- Extra protection. The digital signature guarantees the integrity of the transmitted data, as well as the authenticity of the conversation.

SafeUM encrypts all your data with time-tested algorithms.

See our SafeUM app listing page for different applications: https://SafeUM.com/
After registering with SafeUM, users will receive a phone number +3712 (and this number will no longer exist).

For users:
- Do not download the number within 2 weeks from the date of registration (14 days)
Let's go
The number is 14 days or more from the last transaction (incoming / outgoing call) and the account is 0.00 EUR
SafeUM reserves the right to withdraw the number.

Displaying the number does not affect the functionality of the user account (including other SafeUM calls and calls from other SafeUM users).

Returning the number is technically impossible.

If the balance is positive the number will not be canceled
SafeUM - Secure Messenger for Android on social networks.
Facebook page "Secure Multimedia Message H.
LinkedIn "Secured Multimedia Messenger H https://www.linkedin.com/company/safeum
Twitter. "Safe Messenger". Https://twitter.com/SafeUM:
Send an email to "Best Support for Safe Courier 2018": [email protected]

Internet technical support. In the "SafeUM Support" application

Additional Information

Update : 31 ocotber 2020

Size : 32MB

Installed :1M+

Current version :

Requird Andorid :  5.0 up to 10




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