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                         Telos free calling app

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Choose a toll-free U.S. phone number from any city

It uses a limited price for calls and SMS messages

Save on international calls and text messages

Add 2, 3 or 4 lines to your phone or tablet

No contract, no need to use the Telos telephone service, no need to replace the SIM card or change the telephone company

It's free

- Select the U.S. phone number and location of your choice

- You can also select numbers that are not available on AT&T or Verizon

- Limited payments for regular phone calls and SMS

- Enjoy free calls and text messages via Wi-Fi or mobile internet - No phone bill

- Receive incoming and outgoing SMS messages from anywhere in the country

- Great for traveling abroad.

Confirm your mobile phone number

A Tellos phone number is a mobile phone number, so you can do the same with your business phone number.

Anyone can receive phone calls and text messages

You can use the new bank number as the contact number of the bank, equipment and website

If necessary, you can switch to a telephone company

Set up email and auto-reply messages

Block all calls and messages

Go to any phone line and cell phone

You can use the Telus phone number to add a second or third line to your phone / tablet without a SIM card.

Phone numbers around the world

Telos has international telephone numbers for many countries:

. United States

. United kingdom

. Canada

. Spain

. The Netherlands

. Sweden

. Belgium

. ...

When traveling abroad, you get a local phone number to use local services. Stop charging to communicate with local friends, Uber drivers, hotels and restaurants

Save on international calls and text messages

- Receive free international calls to any mobile phone or phone number in over 200 countries

- International delivery on any mobile device in the world at low prices

- Your friends may not have a telescope to receive your messages

Turn your Android phone or tablet into a flame!

* Get a number right away to stay anonymous and anonymous

* Click "number" to reject calls and messages.

* Burnt numbers will not be recovered quickly and will be deleted from the phone. Then you can get one, two, three or more new and similar phone numbers

* In cases where you need a temporary or unknown number, use your Telus phone number and book as soon as possible.

- Call the Telus phone number, even if the phone does not work

- Use a temporary phone number from a personal number for a security session or Airbnb

- Buy and sell Craigslist with full name

- Create a second line to manage work and life

There is no need to vote - not even for a minute to agree

- Send phone calls and text messages over Wi-Fi or transfer data in less than a minute

- Quickly and easily install a second, third or fourth phone line without replacing the SIM card.

- Tele-phone numbers work well (or not), even if you have a bad cell phone

Thanks to Telos HD audio technology, many phones have greater accuracy than conventional telephone services.

Telos is the best phone number designed to save you from a phone company.

Choose a unique phone number that allows you to use unlimited local numbers and international text and phone messages!
 Additional Information: 

update : 06 november 2020

Size : 45MB+

Install : 50M+

Current version : 2.2.7   

Requied Andorid : 4.4 up to 10



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