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WhatsApp Business helps you maintain your WhatsApp business image, communicate more effectively with your customers, and grow your business.

If you have personal and business phone numbers, you can set up WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on one phone and register with different numbers.

In addition to the features of WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business includes the following.

PRO Corporate Profile: Create a corporate profile so that customers can view important information such as website, location or contact information.

M Business Information: We treat customers better by telling them when to leave or by sending contact information when customers first visit.

N.D. / Adjusted Wireless Support: You can use WhatsApp Business at line number (or line) and customers can send messages to that number. During the verification process, dial the "Call Me" code.

WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business: You can use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on one phone, but each app must have a different phone number.

WhatsApp Web: You can respond to your customers with great success from your computer browser.

WhatsApp Business is based on WhatsApp Messenger and offers all kinds of secure features such as multimedia, free calls *, free international messaging *, group chats, offline messaging and more.

* Database issues may be transferred. Contact your service provider for details.

no. Once you have signed up for WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger calls, you will not be able to find them in WhatsApp Messenger. We recommend that you install WhatsApp Messenger on your computer before setting up a WhatsApp business to contact you.

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You may be familiar with WhatsApp, but do you know what the latest WhatsApp Business APK (210218001) is? As the name suggests, this software is designed to connect customers with the company. If you have not already thought about it, imagine: What if you could write an order about your favorite pizza place to order or order a place? Or if you want to select an image all you have to do is contact the service? However, this software is useful not only for personal use among family and friends, but also for business and consumers.
See WhatsApp Business Software

If you know the logo and meaning of this program, you can easily get started with it. However, there are many different factors and details. For starters, instead of the usual green slogan, there is a slogan and the word B in the middle. If you are running a business, you will need a certified company account to prove you are a legitimate company. We may use Facebook or WhatsApp communications for personal use, not for commercial purposes.

When you go to the settings section, you will see two statistics and sales progress statistics. However, the basic idea is to "change your business profile" as it may contain very important information about your business, such as category, location, website address (URL), business description, and email. email address. There are also review options to see how your profile looks from your customers' point of view. It is not available in the standard WhatsApp version but only in the business version. So if you need these features, you can use business software.

Another thing I like about the WhatsApp business for Android is invisible notifications. As you can see, when you are not there and the customer sends you a message, the app will automatically send a reply. After that, if possible, you can contact them if you need further discussion. This is important because you still need to look professional and not neglect your customers. This application can be sent at any time and applied to any message. However, you can also specify a specific date or time.

Good stuff:

  •     Changing profiles is easy and not easy.
  •     You can add more than one website address.
  •     The appearance of missing messages is inevitable and there is no limit to what you can do.
  •     Several features are required to simplify the process.


    Statistical areas are rarely used because they only show the number of messages sent, sent, read and received. Forget using this feature in business analysis.
    It is not clear how the company will issue the certificate, so it may have its markings.

How to use the program

Using this enterprise software is equivalent to using WhatsApp regularly. Personalize your profile after installation. Follow the instructions to verify your account. If you still do not understand, contact customer service for more information and suggestions.
Modification Protocol

    Create, distribute, and print QR codes so users can talk to you. To enter your QR code, go to Business Tools> Shortcuts> QR Code Review.
    Users can view your products and services by sharing links to your catalog and articles across all digital platforms. For more information, go to Business Tools> Catalog

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