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Telegram is a cloud application that allows users to send multimedia messages and make and receive calls.

Found in 2013 by Nikolai and Pavel Durov - the developers of the Russian VK advertising platform (mostly in real estate stores). Telegram Group, originally located in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg has shifted many responsibilities to avoiding legal issues. Registered in London (where the government is registered), Berlin and Singapore, the project is currently based in Dubai.

The device was designed to be the most important feature for WhatsApp. It allows users to access accounts from a variety of different devices by letting them stay in the device. According to its authors, it is safer than Facebook due to the massive structure and privacy of the archives.

Users can engage in "secret conversations" that see data stored on the phone on the cloud. Like Snapchat, you can set up settings for auto-capture.

Experts have finally discovered the inaccuracy and the lack of encryption. At one time you had to enter an SMS password by hackers in Iran, Russia, Brazil and Germany (former police).

However, when users searched for the security service, Telegram found an error. The South Korean intelligence service was furious in 2001, back in 2019 when we feared an uprising in Hong Kong against the Chinese government. Belarus is a final destination because it will be an important hotline in 2021.
Telegram uses a free API and allows developers to create their own telegraph applications. Samsung used this in 2015 to launch the Socializer Messenger app.

Designers have also been encouraged to create robots, and users can create logos. In addition to sending messages, users can sign up for "channels" that allow authors to send messages to connectors.

Telegram does not sell advertising - it claims that access to the advertiser's personal information is illegal. The money now goes to Powell Durav. They allege that when it comes to employee gifts or some type of vacation they may want the money they need. In his words, "the benefits will be endless."

In March 2018, Telegram launched the Cryptocurrency Gram Privacy Policy for select investors. He was accused of being public and known until the U.S. The SEC announced it

Telegram works in secret and speaks of its passion for trade and national restrictions. Information is still scarce. So what do we know? Check the phone design.
Others are important numbers

    In April 2020, Telegram registered five million subscribers a day (Telegram)
    The Q2 and Q32020 are among the 10 fastest in the world, with almost 80 million pulls (sensor tower).
    Telegram, the largest website in 20 countries
    Telegram aims to reach 1 million users by 2022 (Monfex)
    365 million live phones released in August 2019 (Tower sensor)
    Telegram has pulled 500 million downloads for Android by May 2020 (9to5google.com)
    201 million users warned before the ban, 56% (BBC)
    In March 2020, three phone calls (Comparitech) returned the disaster to millions of Iranian workers.
    About 18 million telephones in Uzbekistan (Kikhimetila Ubaydullaiv)
    In 2011, Brazil was banned (short 48 hours) and 201 (2 hours) short in Brazil, sending 7 million new users to WhatsApp and a million quartz.
    The first phone was announced in Hong Kong in July 2011 amid protests from the liberals, which rose 323% year-on-year; 41,000 new employees registered in the first week of August (up 100% in the first week of June 2019) (Top Research)
    In February 201, 1 billion tgram of messages per day were sent - the state announced telegrams.

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Update : 15 may 2020

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Installed : 10M+

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