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Muhammad usman

 With Bigo Live, you can broadcast your favorite moments and make friends from all over the world և Watch live broadcasts 7/24 to get rid of boredom.

We have more than 300 million users in the world.

Why should Bigo exist?

Go straight

Do you have hidden skills? Show your skills.
Get an audience, find fans, get gifts, make friends, become an idol for many.

See relevant rules

We have an active society - millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, confectioners, comedians - and more.

Video, live video call

1 - 1. Invite a friend to a video chat.
- Chat in groups of up to 9 people in the gas salon.
- Check our video filters.

The sound of the camp barn

Talk to the people around you in real time or in the world
- Use live voice chat with direct interactive voice change.
Life, singing or just chatting with new people.

PK and IVE I (LOL)

Now it's time to challenge your friends with BIGO LIVE. Those who gain a lot of points and lose are punished. Rape or not :)

VLOG (video menu)

Share your life, show your talents և Become an experienced celebrity on BIGO LIVE.

Toys Yes we did.

Watch, broadcast or watch other popular live streaming games like PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Survival Laws and more.

Say hello

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Your feedback will help improve BIGO LIVE.
Do you have a question? Contact us via [email protected]

what is this bigo live app

Bigo Live is software-based software that allows users to record videos or share their activities directly with friends and strangers. One can post videos and connect with people at any time.

The sender will receive an immediate response from another user and will find nearby users.

Although the program is basically generic, users tend to increase the cost of the program. Closing to 89.99. Users can easily save money on their videos & this program proves to be the key to the success of this program. For example, when a video goes live, users can exchange it for a digital gift and send it to their favorite channel. Gifts called “beans” not only reflect the popularity of beans, but can also be exchanged for real money.

Monthly Active Users of Enterprise Programs 2019. November reached more than 330 million worldwide.
Is Bigo Live suitable for children?

In fact, the app has been used by players, artists and bloggers to open an account for at least 16 years. However, artificial intelligence systems can mislead younger consumers, especially when there is a high demand and popularity.

The biggest threat to Bigo Live is user-made content, including obscene language, violence or nudity, and obscene language and clothing. Also, user feedback is often plausible, clear and funny.

Sharing personal information (age, gender, and location) in the app is not safe for young people.

In practice, the game system (height, level, daily rewards) can be addictive, and constant competition with the "nuts" can distort the image of the consumer, i.e. ability and value.

The program allows you to connect with strangers who want to see young people in real life, or perhaps hunters or bullies.

How to take care of baby bigo?

If your children want to share their experiences live, they can help.

1. Talk to them about possible problems and pros and cons

2. Make a plan of what to do if they are guilty or inappropri

3. Establish laws governing external relations, the area in which personal information is exchanged

4. Perform Internet activities in the program

5. Read our Privacy Policy to find information we know.

Live radio is becoming more and more popular among children and young people

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size :65MN

Intalled : 10M+

Current version : 5.0.2

Requied andorid : 4.4 up to 10 



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