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           Clone app for whatsapp and duel app

Muhammad usman

The Clone - This app is also a clone app that allows you to create two apps, multiple accounts, WhatsApp clone, phone lag time, VPN support, two apps per app and WhatsApp skin at the same time. Learn more about the benefits of & nbsp; without advertising!

Good answer

* WhatsApp clone
Simultaneous support supporting WhatsApp connection on the phone. Try the WhatsApp clone now!

* Private and public VPN
Clone provides you with multiple VPNs. VPN comes first. The cloned app allows you to visit foreign sites like WhatsApp and Facebook.

* Do the magic

Add very cute emoticons to clones. I'm not always an umbrella and you can talk to your friends. Bring "Kiss Love" 、 "Flying Tomato" "Nothing to do".

* Position of colors
Support for Dark Mode, Gold Mode, Blue Mode, Night Mode and Cyan Mode for most applications.

* Gluu
If you have a show during the conversation, the message is very interesting. Celebrate your friends.

* Privacy
Able to create your own scripted application to protect you.

* Support for 32-bit applications
Good support for 32 machines and 32 free digital applications and technologies.

* Supports 64-bit applications
64-bit machines have free core technology and good support for 64-bit applications.

* No ads, free
Duplicate development, collaboration, and customer service aren't going right.

* Best price on a match
It supports popular games and you can convert multiple accounts easily.

* Work-life balance
Encourage us to offer similar services at higher rates for popular apps.

It's right! Happy with the copy. If you like our app, rate us in the top five and support is the biggest motivator! Thank you! If you have any questions or suggestions, write us at pro [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help!

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Opening of the program

This app is unique for more information. This app allows users to have two apps on the phone. You can download WhatsApp, BBM or other applications for free. This program is suitable for your relationship. The appearance is very light and differs from the first color by a combination of blue and white. The application menu is easy to understand with the help of the Internet. However, users can change the theme of the application.

The main purpose of this program is to promote the program. Here users can find scam apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Therefore, you can freely download or share the program shared by other users. The program is clean, but both the main program and the organizational program work well. In other words, it works independently. You can find more shortcuts in Android QuickShortcutMaker.

Cloner offers its users many ways of this privacy. There are some options you can use for passwords, such as password recovery, password protection, and Android authentication. This process is very efficient and not hopeless. For best results, you need to download the Android AppCloner.

Additional Information

Upadate : 28 january 2021

Size : 16MB

Requied andorid : 4.4 up to 10

Current version :

Installed : 10M+


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