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                           Puppy Town game 

Muhammad usman

 Stay with your dog to earn money and build a dog community.

Do you want a dog? This is my favorite doll. You can join և for more influence. We will meet

Retrieval: Zuta Labrador, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Rottweiler, Yorkshire Terrier, Borderlands Electric, Kanish, German Shorthair, Boxer, etc.

Have fun with your children.
Urban Fly is a game where the goal is to unlock new pets by connecting as many dogs as possible to earn money. Of course, you will have to repeat this process over and over again before creating a community for your pet.

The fly saw clearly and showed a hint of nervousness. At the beginning of the game, Puppy Town shows an area divided equally in the center of the screen. It's up to you to figure it out and let it happen. After all, here's how to find a brand new one.

When you unlock a new fly, Puppy Town shows you the money you make when you do nothing. So you are responsible: start taking the animals out of the box (make sure they fit). Even if you want to quickly show the kids on the table, you should always go back to crossing the dog on the intersection floor.

Puppies Puppies protect you with simple things that will come to your hands to get as many new pets as possible but will save you a lot of money to build a kennel.
It is well known that everyone loves dogs - it's good that some people don't like them, but we're not talking about it. Puppy is a free toy based on love, it allows you to understand the dog to make the ultimate doll with your dog. It's like giving something else, right? That's why we decided to create a Puppy City guide with tips, tricks, bugs and everything you need to know about this unspecified dog game.

The key to clearing the game is the ability to shut it down, make it, give it to you, pay for it when you come back. Puppies allow you to do this և When you are calm, your children will play. But you can still do a lot to pull the pockets inside yourself.

Our local children's guide explains how to make money with games and other questions about the game. How to download, play or download the APK for PC. Here we are teaching children in community life.
The devil understands. How to get Android և iOS

Able to bring a puppy indoors - that's it.

    If you have Android, open Puppy Town on Google Play or if you are an iOS user, open the App Store
    Click the "Download" button to download on Google Play or purchase on the "App Store".
    Open the game.
Urban APK. How to buy the APP store for Android?

APKs needed to download updates manually - How to get Puppy City APK?

    Find an APK website where you can trust money. We used APKPure for this example
    Go to the puppy's APK page
    Click to download the local dog APK
    Manual Entry Manually enter the device
    It can start in shape after installation.
the curtain on the computer. About me to check?

How to play Puppy Local on PC?

    Download the memory from your PC
    Once downloaded, click the download button
    Sign in with your Google Play account
    Watch the dogs at home
    Click to install
British puppies ONLINE. Can i play with my friends?

Play with your friends, you can enjoy a walk with other dogs. Unfortunately, there is no online play mode in Puppy Town which is always available for many free games. Apparently, only puppies can make money in Dogtown. Earn with PuTus

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of puppy play.

    Daily events. Writing letters every day can make a big difference
    Opera. They can only be done once, but each cost a lot of money
    Many dogs. Dogs only pay to stay there, so most dogs like ching-ching

Kennel tips for dogs

Here are the best tips for Dogstown to succeed in this dormancy:

    Expand your kennel: If you want to tie dogs together, you definitely need more space. Expanding your space will allow for faster growth and, most importantly, additional calves
    Tap to get more puppies: tap the bottom of the screen to speed up the arrival of new girls in the game so you can make faster combinations
    Free Them: Puppy City is a free to play game, which means the dogs will continue to play during the trip as well as during the trip. This is a handy mechanic if you don't want to play all the time
    Double Money: If you don't bother to see the ad, you can earn in-game money twice within a given amount of time, which means you can close the app and donate some destiny to puppies
City of Fake Puppies: Is The City of Puppies Legal?

Many people wonder if the city of puppies is a fake or an uncertainty. So, is a puppy town legal? Although it is safe to play the game, we recommend that you always check the ratings before trying the game, as many people report that getting a Puppy Town is very difficult.

It's also important to remember that we believe that the main reason for playing is fun, not money. If you don't like Puppy Town we have a complete list of the best Android games and the best iOS games with lots of great free games.

And here is our guide to the kennel! If you want more games like Puppy City, check out the list of the best inactive games on our mobile phone! The dog can also come home alone when he sees us

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : 80MB

Installed : 50M+

Current Version : 1.5.6

Requied Andorid  : 5.0 up to 10


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