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            StreamKar  Live chat and call video app

Muhammad usman

Dreamcar is a range of live applications for video cells and friendships with others. Streamcar is a live video that runs a social program. It allows you to experience special moments.
It was amazing with everyday conversations, funny pictures, short videos and live group discussions.
Recent features include:
PSpotlight: Show the world your unique abilities
Fun and addictive games like Alibaba Cave, Treasure Hut and SK Derby
KSK SKVAD: Now you can talk to your friend SK
PK Tournament Tournament: A very interesting PK game

You can send jobs from anywhere in the world, participate in live video entertainment and enjoy live games. Everyone can show their personal talents to their peers around the world. Everyone should sing, dance, eat, talk, walk and play. Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts now.

Individual and specific.

Safe atmosphere and clean interiors:
M StreamWork creates a safe environment for our users to feel safe and secure. Stream Car uses 24-hour content filtering services and content search services to make sure we follow our policies and make people happy.

Acquire your dreams and support yourself:
Our players can connect to the Internet and use your skills. Through our program, thousands of people have found ways to support themselves and their families. We are very proud of them and want all our users to know Streamcar as a dream.

Watch live video chat with new friends:
Streaming live video. Show off your skills, live music, dance and more
Use it to show your skills to those who follow you.
Share live videos on social media and make them popular.

He played live and became a popular player
Stay 24 hours b. Flow Flow
+ More than two thousand people broadcast live programs every day. Love them and connect with them directly.
Stream live with friends online around the world.
Demonstrate your singing skills by learning karaoke, talking about life, and learning a foreign language with your new friend.

Com video native video calls, voice chat, chat
Watch live or live video keyboards and talk 1 to 1 with video or audio.
Use some guest B characters to create groups of 6 and talk to them in groups.

An effective gift
Show your value by sending virtual gifts to players. Many great gifts in a variety of sizes. When you send a gift, you get access to the price and the price
Online Gifts Send popular, fun, personal and kind-hearted gifts to your friends and colleagues.

Beauty Updates and Updates:
Filters and markers can be used for direct movement of cats, mice, necklaces, queens, masks and glasses. Face, beauty, white, makeup, big eyes.

Be unique and personal
Become a VIP and earn more and value others b. How to express an argument. Audio and video.
Surprise your closest friends.

The challenges and dismissals of KP

Choose your favorite player and win prizes. The loser must stand with courage. You have the courage to see someone live it.
Treasure hunt. Try it. When you open the gold and brass box you receive a lot of attractive gifts.

Follow us and contact us
Website Official Website: http://www.streamkar.com
Facebook: @ Stream1
Twitter: kar_stream

Instagram: Continue
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/StreamkarOfficial

Give us feedback / suggestions and help us improve our services. Thanks.

Streamcar Live Streaming is an application streaming video that allows you to see other people in the world, talking quickly, or join a video chat. Namely, you can chat with friends, meet new people, and watching someone else use some time.

You can watch popular channels from livestreaming channels. If you want to be one of these levels, you can click on the stream and then tap directly. As before, you need to register an account to chat or connect with other users.

StreamCar For live streaming, you need to click the camera button. You can start watermark people you follow a few seconds and focus on the camera on your Android device you. You can add filters and extensions directly to any list.

Streamcare LiveStreaming is a fun video game so other users can meet and stay for a while. Lastly, what is more fun than watching the riots?


Additional Information 

Update : last one day ago

Size :49MB

Installed : 10M+

Curret version : 8.2.1

Requied andorid :4.4 up to 10



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