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               Temp mail for site verifaction

Muhammad usman

 Temp Mail can create temporary email addresses and receive photos and other email attachments.

Do not forget to share your email address to anyone else. This results in late spam, advertising emails, email changes, and phishing attempts. So clean first. Temp Mail provides a temporary free email address of up to 10 minutes.

Why did you visit for such a short time?

Spam is hidden from spam
Registration No registration required
Create temporary spam
Protect yourself and others by not receiving spam in my inbox your privacy
Get one or more downloads
There are many languages
The ails entry will be permanently deleted

From temporary email:

Write a new email now
Copy the clip to the clipboard or use a QR code
Email Receive emails and plugins
Receive new emails
Leave additional emails while reading
Permission to download web pages (EML) (included)
Quickly delete and / or create a new email address

Find good work:

Email name
A. Resize several times
Confirm the application form via email
Full email hosting
Do not give up

If you choose to purchase a paid business, these costs will be paid into your Google account and you can reuse your account 24 hours before the end of the current period. Visit the Google Play Store when shopping. The price does not change depending on the user's country, and the terms and conditions of the contract are clear. Issued if not used during the free trial period.

All personal information is stored and accessed in accordance with our privacy policies and procedures.

Example letterpress:

Our service is well regarded in many media, Youtube videos and social media.

"It can be stressful because of a lot of information, and if you take it and delete it, you have to be better." --Industry.com

"This is the best way to hide your anonymity and remove emails from scammer, scammer, and customers." - TheNextWeb.comThis makes it a great way to communicate with newspapers, robots and websites. I disagree. -Fortune-tell
 This application creates a temporary email address that does not block you or your personal information. Just try it."


Note that you cannot send email to this application, only to receive it.
In addition, the free web service uses millions of emails per hour. Therefore, you will not be able to save your email for more than an hour or two, but it will change. Do not subscribe to emails or obtain personal information. You do not have permission to generate emails or lists.

Send suggestions and questions to [email protected]

What is Tempmail Premium MOD APK?

With a scheduled email program, you can instantly create temporary email addresses that allow you to access and receive email messages with photos and other attachments.

Forget opening your original email. This results in unlimited spam, promotional emails, email piracy and phishing. The original mailbox remains clean and secure. Temp Mail pro provides a 10-minute temporary anonymous email address.

Keep your email secret and don’t tell it to non-believers. Many websites that sell their email address to spammers may have promotional messages and weak items in their inboxes.
Temporary transfer function

    Hide from spam
    Create an email address that works quickly and temporarily
    Protect your privacy and anonymity by blocking spam in your personal inbox
    Read incoming email with attachments

Introducing Temp Mail Pro

    Quickly create a new email address
    Personal email address
    Complete email storage
    Show program email
    No ads
    OFC is fully open  

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : 7.1Mb

Installed : 5M+

Current version : 2.54

Requied andorid : 5.0 up to 10



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