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The second line is the phone number in the United States. or Canada works with smartphones, tablets and mobile phone systems for professional mobile operators, private employers and employees. With some people in the US and Canada, via Wi-Fi or mobile network, your team members can now call and send to other such devices.

Home phone number
Give your friends your phone number to call.

Limit text and video messages
He is an American citizen. You can send multiple text messages to Canada for free.

Infertility in the United States and Canada
Free calls to US and Canadian phone numbers.

National and international
Add money to your account by adding payments, calling cheap foreign currency or free money

- Phone call
- Emoticons, numbers and GIFs
All multimedia: send, receive and store images.
- Lots. Email registration: Copy to email
extension identification number
Privacy: stores the message with a single key
- Google Smartlock: I do not remember the password
- Make changes
- Signature: Write signature for each entry
- Alarms, rhythms and vibrations may change
- Screenshots
- Show ring and bottom for each connection
Respond to friends easily (quickly)

- X-B: X: Send and receive text directly via 2G line - Use 2G line as SMS program.
-Flex CallPoll is the only 2G online alternative that can select the best type of call to improve our call quality.
Free calls and text messages to another phone number

2G Line 2 is a free mobile phone that allows you to create other business phone numbers. Textnov This mobile app has created a mobile app that will share your business and your life. In the US and Canada all calls and text messages are free and international calls are much easier.
Another phone number plan?

The second phone number comes from an application provider that offers a second line that works in parallel with the previous one. You can make and receive calls, so if you want your phone number to be different from your phone, you can set it with individual calls and alerts. This type of program is fine even if the device does not have a SIM key.

2G line: The second phone number is such an application and it offers many things that you can expect in a phone application. First you can send receipts, numbers and GIF messages. The same can happen with photos. If you want to send a message to more people, you can send it by sending a group message. You can also add a title to your post.
Free 2G line?

2G is a VoIP service that uses a mobile Internet or WiFi connection to provide additional mobile phone lines. So instead of registering by phone, you should pay online if you have US. If you are interacting with people in Canada, this app is free. They cannot use 2G channels to receive messages and calls or send text and call messages.

Of course, this program is only available in this area and is available in the United States. That no one but Canada can register a 2G number. However, the application is a little easier for users, because it allows you to make cheap international calls, receive emails and send signatures and invitations to other people. You can also set caller ID, password, and Google Smartlock account. Original text can be formatted with wallpaper.

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Update : one day ago

Size : 83MB

Current version : version of devic

Requied andorid : depent on your mobile

Installed : 10M+


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