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5 SIM service allows you to use a short number to receive SMS messages from the Internet.
Most websites today want real quality SMS for fashion writers. If you do not want to use your phone number to top up or deactivate your phone, use 5SIM. So you don't need a SIM card for just one internet connection on your phone. You can receive SMS via web browser or API.

You can use the following methods to use the Internet number to search for a document:

    Real Phone Number - Create a verification phone without using the most basic and complete SMS verification service
    Protect yourself from fake websites by downloading files or watching movies. You can pay for your services. You can register by entering your phone number on this page
    Disable SMS input and use 5 SIM numbers
    Website Advertising Through SEO Campaigns

Start working with us.

You will need to register or register to receive online messages to purchase your phone number

You can use our special phone number

The process of saving the phone number to receive SMS

    You must register
    Click on the branded link to add your electricity bill.
    Select your country and browser from the drop-down list at the bottom of the list.
    Once you have selected the product, click on the "Buy" button in the list on the left. If you do not find the name of the service or service you want, you can mark the product - "Other".
    Use purchase number Click the "Copy" button and enter your phone number in the box:
    You will receive an SMS verification number with the correct password. Click "Done".
    - Click "Cancel" to cancel the purchase.
    - If you are using a phone number, click "No".

    You will receive unlimited SMS within 15 minutes after purchasing a digital number. If you do not send a message within 5 minutes, the order will be canceled immediately.

If you make a mistake you will not be able to make a decision. Write to the ticket office.

The API key is JWT (JSON Web Server) and you need to enter the ipk of the key to enter the title of the HTTP link. If it is not set, it will be your value for apiKey.

Example of omitted title:

  1.     Price of all products sold quickly.
  2.     You can use one of your numbers to confirm your credit card purchase and select some of the messages.
  3.     Activation time (15 minutes) SMS number is not limited.
  4.     If you do not receive the message, the order will be refunded within 5 minutes. Do not try to do this job. Otherwise, your investment will be reduced.
  5.     We value it. When you use a floor, your boss will start at 8am.
  6.     If you rent to an unused landlord, you will not receive a refund.
  7.     Do not use this service for configuration purposes.
  8.     SMS takes people to blacklist
  9.     Dark SMS - The sender's full name or text
  10.     Use of compiler services is prohibited.

    We will not refund you if you make a payment or lose money while creating the API.
    The service of 5 SIM scales is to give you digital values   and credits. It is not possible for us to register because there are so many important issues with insurance. If the loan does not suit you, click "Cancel" or "Block". Refund of blocked payment Not available
    If you do not use it for more than a year, your credit will be lost and your balance will not be renewed.
    Purchases are allowed in July and pay for 1,000 miles and other rubles.
    It is not possible to retrieve a blocked or saved number for SMS messages.
    Loans registered with Vkontakte are not repaid. You can register your account not only on "vkontakte" but also through the application available via SMS.
    When you shop on Yahoo, you pay for each SMS (no software required).


5sim site : Click here 

smscodes site : Click here


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