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Miuhammad usman

Welcome to the official home page of the Cloner app.

    The most permanent order form is in the Store. See this article for more information.

    The Cloner app allows you to create and install multiple copies of Android apps.

    The account application is simply a multi-account application that generates original, separate and integrated accounts.

    Follow ppAppCloner on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AppCloner to get notified about new features and updates.

    Check out the Appcloner blog at https://appcloner.blog to learn more about Appcloner and search the section for more features.

    Read the following example for an equation. You can contact us at Supp[email protected]. We want to support and answer your questions.

    The explanatory project runs independently of the original project. You will not receive automatic updates, so you can use any component compatible with the original firmware.

    If you want to use multiple logins and apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it is important to tweak a section, but the best thing is to start building the app . There are a number of add -ons that the copying app offers so that you can copy a new part.

    You can change the name and brand of the program. You can remove permission or allow duplicate requests to be inserted into the SD card. You can turn off door locks and alarms. Or change the section to a window screen.

    Smart applications can visit account settings and add features such as password protection, drive mode, hidden Android ID and fake locations. You can allow the software to access data via Wi-Fi only. More than 200 editing options are available, and many more will be added with each update.

Premium Features

    The output version can be a method symbol. Update prices and enjoy groups and payment options.

    Premium mobile applications (Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, fake GPS, Open Source, UK, Parallel Space, etc.)
    Use group rocks to model multiple applications
    Save / create a copy of the Program File
    Edit Start Start Icon

    IDs and parts:

    Change or hide your Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC ID
    Edit Google Ad ID and Google Sample Template (GSF)
    Replace Website User Member
    WiFi secret information, GPU information, SIM and private administrator information
    Full support for fingerprint blocking via fingerprint tool

    Special Options:

    Password - Protected applications with stealth mode
    Table Error table layout
    Account Disable access to accounts, contacts, calendar, phone calls and notes
    Disable new applications
    Program Hidden program mode, hidden keyboard
    A license issue and license carrier
    The GPS location is incorrect
    Hide the simulation space
    Bad time zone
    Sense prevents access to music and cameras around the environment
    Entry to entry
    Don’t skip the screen guards
    Great Command Key
    Automatically turns off auto -filling with short intervals
    Close the screen and exit the app
    If there is another program, hide the root
    Disable logcat entry
    Don’t stop sharing assignments
    Administration Disable device management services and access access
    Replace the No Knox button

    The options are displayed:

    Change the force field, movement, and color
    Back / dark colors
    Working in Dark Dark Mode (Android 10)
    Replace Lock
    Edit the screen and turn the text into a screen
    Change the default screen size, language, and font size
    Turn on screen mode
    Part-of-the-way applications for mobile phones and windows
    Windows support for multiple windows and images
    • Switch Mode / HUD
    Hide Ips Riips and use higher rates
    Talk directly to the app
    Website display scale
    Improve visual display
    Demonstration of the erroneous nature of the Image
    Leave a Screenshot, select the document and share a photo
    Click to copy the document or leave it at first

Additional Information

update :  one day ago

Size : 30MB

Current version : 2.9.0

Installed : 1M+

Requied andorid  : 5.0 up to 10


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