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               India mobile number for otp recive

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Our service is forever free. You can receive SMS messages from India from anywhere in the world without registration and without any additional conditions. You can use your Indian phone number for free on the website or in the WhatsApp app to subscribe to Google Voice, Yahoo, Apple ID, Telegram, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


Increase your privacy online without sending a phone number to any website. To receive a confirmation via SMS, enter our phone number from India and then look for it in the list of messages received from this number, just copy your number and fill out the confirmation request via SMS.


 We are not responsible for the results of using your website. In India, illegal activities related to the use of our temporary telephone numbers are prohibited, your data may be provided to the relevant authorities.


We do not recommend adding other personal data for communication via mobile phones in India as it can be downloaded via SMS.


In case of use, the above provisions are accepted.
Is this page restricted?
For security reasons, download sms-online.info with ### messages on social networks. If you do not see the message on this page, it may be due to restrictions imposed by mobile phone users.

If you use the above numbers to verify your phone such as Google, Facebook, eBay, PayPal ... this website is open, we are not responsible for what we do.

George the Great - Is there a place now?
We currently support several countries such as the United States, Spain, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia, and we will try to add more.

How long does it take to receive the number?
The numbers vary from a few days to a month.

How much does the number change?We don't have time to add new phone numbers.

• How much?
Free postage, free SMS from this site. This free SMS service protects your privacy by storing your phone number.
I hope you enjoyed developing this site.

Does this site support any mobile version?
Yes, you can find our mobile app on Google Play that supports the Android operating system.

Lost your phone number on the site?
If you can't find your phone number on the site, that number has changed since you registered.
Phone number for receiving SMS online. Buy SMS online

We are India that allows you to receive free text messages from India and receive free text messages online from your Indian phone. You can use as many phone numbers as you want. Our service is always available if you need a phone number that can be used for SMS verification / this telephone verification for the website.
Free SMS

Buy SMS You can enter different phone numbers to send SMS to different places and then the messages will appear in the app.

- To view the SMS, tap the phone number to which the SMS was sent.
- The phone numbers of this application are nothing more than ordinary SMS, there is no hidden speed.
- Use the "Copy Page" button to display new text messages. Use the copy number to copy the number to the screen.
- The number is "Offline" and if the number is offline, a green box will appear on the left.
- You will see SMS messages that reach this number every second.
- All messages are displayed, nothing is canceled.

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