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Muhammad usman

 TextMay: A mobile service that connects millions of customers with subscriptions that are required to make and receive calls.

Phone knows the new phone number to call

Connect via Wi-Fi or internet connection to send text messages (SMS), pictures and videos (MMS), voicemails and phone calls.

Enter the new phone number and use it as:


2️⃣ ઉપયોગ Use the phone to protect your data.

Web Host Account How to hide your phone and documents: Send and get a new phone number if required.

You can get many phone numbers that share different parts of your life.

Low taxes and low taxes

Make phone calls and calls all over the world with the lowest rates in the world - get the honor or glory by completing a free application.

Turn your app on the phone

Get an email address on the old board or board to switch to a new network and a new WiFi platform. Enable TextMe to send free data from your phone or notebook. Suitable for maintenance plans, use of telephone numbers or telephone registration.

Full list of messages

Home phone number

Calls and external calls


• Transfer phone

See number 3

Discussion group

Images Send images, videos and audio to audio / video data

Use our mental fitness and stats

Cut dark and light

Arrange to sign your document

Changes the tone to sound and tone effects

Sound effects and sound effects

Remember about the data

Add word editing and printing

View the messages on the screen

Edit the background image

Password protection: hide data

Hide messages or block messages or conversations to keep them private

Share GPS location with free GPS / SMS / MMS messages

Change your phone number and add more numbers

Facebook login to Facebook and Google

SMS is compatible with other SMS formats such as Google Voice, Talk Talk, TextNow, TextFree and more.

Action Notice *

Critical calls cannot be supported

Free SMS to US and Canada

Latin provides free information on Latin America to help you log in and out of the privacy policy

The Mail app does not accept calls and SMS from specific phone companies / areas in more than 200 countries.

Request to use the application in accordance with the terms of use of Textme.

Full text: http://go-text.me/assets/tc

Data security information: http://go-text.me/assets/pp

Website: http://go-text.me

Twitter: @textmeapp

Ask for help and reply to us: http://support.go-text.me

Thanks for using TextMe.

Meet the team

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : 54MB

Installed : 10M+

Current version : Version of decive 

Requied andorid : Depent on mobile


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