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Muhammad usman

Call a real phone number and write to your friends. No phone service required. Enter or call any US or Canadian number.

# 1 Text and free app with your local phone number.
Send and receive unlimited SMS messages to anyone in the US or Canada.
Cheap local and international calls or private calls: Choose how you want to call.

textPlus is the only application that allows you to communicate easily, cheaply and without problems.

You can do more with TextPlus

- Switch to tablet to receive and receive free US real-time text messages. United States of America.
- Ideal for traveling abroad with family / friends in the US / Canada
- Send messages / MMS and SMS
- FREE incoming calls and calls: your friends can always call
- Chat in any receiving cloud and have free access to call history
- Save thousands on a mobile plan

Is it really free?
Yes: There is no charge for sending unlimited text messages and you can take a call credit (incoming calls are completely free).

How much is free?
There are some ads in the app. If you don't like the ads, you can subscribe to unsubscribe.

It’s a good option to post the message here

Second / personal number required
- Kids
- old man

Travel and travel to the United States
Anyone who wants to save money on a mobile account.


stands out

Full Delivery (MMS) - Send, receive, and save images
- Customizable text tone, tone and vibration
- Customizable features
- Quick (and quick) quick response to friends
- Integrated mailbox: Send and receive text messages directly from any device, such as your SMS application.
- Real SMS and Phone Calls: Send SMS and SMS messages to all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
- ulla la
- Work as data via WiFi

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TextPlus is a tool that can send text messages and make free calls from your Android device.

It is very similar to software like TextPlus, Viber or Skype. Users must register an application that allows them to access all types of services.

TextPlus content is free text messages sent to other users and free voice messages sent to other users.

You will need to register for the service to call other numbers (except TextPlus), but if you register, TextPlus will give new points to new users.

TextPlus is an excellent messaging tool that combines the function of making calls. Also, the same interface can be well integrated with Android devices.
The TextPlus storage method is an alternative number. 1 Download the most expensive monthly mobile phone rental plan. You will always receive free text messages / calls from any number in the world from anywhere in the United States or Canada. Or send and find TextPlus users for free. This is your choice. Simple, economical and easy communication, and the best TextPlus: -Free SMS / SMS for any phone in the United States or Canada - especially free SMS. Get the cheapest phone in the new world! Forget unlimited monthly subscription calls for only $ 2.99 (US and Canada). Low cost: Provide free text messages and free text messages to more than 70 million TextPlus users worldwide. The best free Messengerxtplus gives you the opportunity: -Turn your tablet into a mobile phone. SMS / SMS messaging and calling on wireless, mobile and WiFi devices — WiFi messaging and calling — without expensive scheduling or billing — messaging / SMS-group messaging / travel — when traveling abroad with your global business in the United States United States or Canada Make money on the phone and make money from the plan. Free and cheap mobile phones in the world: -The best HD streaming via WiFi. It always applies to 3G or 4G connections. It can store up to 98% of global calls, voice and other musical activities. There are no future interest rates, confidentiality agreements or institutions. Display multiple messages on all screens: the cloud keeps your voice / SMS and phone in constant contact: send calls and messages to any device. Is there a possibility to have a future version of TextPlus? Join our Google+ community and become a beta. Go to http://www.textplus.com/androidbeta/ and find out what's new first. Follow TextPlus www.facebook.com/textpluswww.twitter.com/textplus questions? E-mail support @ nextplus.me Facebook Ads Facebook wants to show relevant ads. We may try to share your ads through sharing notifications on Facebook and other websites and apps. Please see https://www.facebook.com/about/ads for more information on these types of advertisements and what you can find.

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : 54MB

Current version : 7.7.3

Requied andorid : 6.0 up to 10

Installed : 10M+



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