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You can stay here for a long time.

Today, 30 billion Tinder® games are "the best dating app" and a great place for beginners. Whether you’re looking for love, looking for today, or just want to be told now: everywhere there are rules and services that give you the best experience. favorite acquaintance? Yes you asked

Whether you are gay or bisexual depends on your partner and we use examples
See if our relationship with our strengths fits wherever you want
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Your trip and meet the locals - wherever you go, we are there. There's a saying "a reliable partner", said another app dating the most popular in the world, but if you do not want to meet the people around you in, please contact us.

-Understand the world of light and enjoy all the great features of Tinder while you're here

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This is a suitable site for those of you who are not yet ready to touch "gold". With TinderPlus®, you can improve features such as unlimited settings, passports, recovery, promotions, and 5 great options every day.

All in one. Chat. date This is our mantra. Find someone with the Tinder is fun and easy. Remember your profile with the best photos and details so you can increase your credibility. Use SSwipeRight ™ to catch the man and use wSwipeLeft to complete. If everybody loves you, this is true! no matter. We developed both methods. In other words, the two show solidarity with the competition. How many songs can you say? 🤔

Tinder is the largest and best community in the world - this is the moment.


If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold payments, your Google Play account will be credited and paid into your account within the last 24 hours of the current period. After purchase, you can go automatically at any time by opening the playground. Tinder Plus subscriptions start at $ 9.99 / month and are available for monthly, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. The current price on the Tinder Gold Market is $ 14.99 per month, with monthly, 6-month and 12-month plans available. Prices are displayed in US dollars, are compatible with other US countries and are subject to change without notice. The current food system cannot be removed during allocation. If you choose not to buy Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can use Tinder for free.

All images are visual in nature and can be used for illustration purposes only.

Privacy: https://www.gotinder.com/privacy
Address: https://www.gotinder.com/terms

Tinder is a registration day designed to help you find people with common interests. Let’s talk and keep good content right now.

Tinder offers other users a very simple form. In fact, the simplicity of the brand means all the other Olympus dating apps, if any. Once logged in, you will see photos of other users. If you want, just write a photo and you can create a photo or other background information. Then turn right if you like and turn left if you don’t like it.

Set up these two simple gestures (swipe left and right) to sync your Tinder account. You can now filter out those who aren’t interested or connect with other people they really like. No matter what image you upload to Tinder. Everyone determines how users view them, more than any other application.

Tinter configuration options (which are also very simple) select the required gender and age and other filters that are considered too far apart. For example, only men between the ages of 18 and 28 and an altitude of 5 km or less can participate in the program.

Tinder is a great dating search engine. Its simplicity and efficient use are not at all. Dozens of people can be happy in just five minutes, but it all depends on what you’re looking for.
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Update : one day ago

Size : 109MB

Current version : 12.2.0

Requied Andorid : 6.0 up to 10

Installed : 100M+


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