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Muhammad usman

 Protect your personal email from spam, robots, scams and other online abuses. Temporarily anonymous email address - no obligation or risk.

With MailRush you can:
You want to send your real email. Letter Want to be free of annoying mail? Use e.g. email once. Postal address. Without registration. Unlimited and forever free. More mailboxes. Anonymous. It takes 2 days.

With Temp Mail, you can create multiple emails at once. Email addresses and receive instant emails. Letters You may forget to enter your real email address. Email address for everyone. Make sure your inbox is free from spam, ads or scams. Temp Mail protects your privacy and gives you 100% free, fast, unlimited and easy email. Email addresses must be secure and private.

Temporary e-mail feature:

  1. 📩 100% free forever
  2. Without registration
  3. Selected e-mail address. Name of post office
  4. Access to a free list of domains
  5. 📩 Some mailboxes
  6. 48 hours email storage
  7. View email by email in the app
  8. Privacy

Temporary use by e-mail:

Protect yourself from annoying posts
Protect your privacy
Create a temporary email right away. cards
Get promotional credit codes, coupons, discounts and entry certificates
Save email. Send an email for 48 hours and then delete it permanently
Simply manage multiple mailboxes

Note: you can only receive emails. Letters cannot be sent.
Do not use temporary emails. Send me an email to get sensitive information about me or to log in to important accounts. Once your email has been deleted, emails or domains cannot be recovered.

With Temporary Email, you can instantly create temporary emails, once. Get an email address and get it right away with the attachment.

Forget about sharing email with someone else. Postal address. This causes endless, promotional spam emails. Letters, email theft and attempted fraud. Keep your current mailbox clean and safe. Temporary Email offers a one-time free anonymous fake email. Email address 10 minutes for email In mail mode.

This unique mailbox helps to remove junk mail and fraud from the main mailbox.

This temporary email service is also known as 10 minute email, one time email, fake email. Mail, supposed mail, sender of mail, getairmail, wasp mail, thrawaymail, tempmail, tempail, anonymous mail, spam box, tmail, mailing, postal mail, 20 minute email and more

  • Why do you need temporary mail?
  • Generate alternate emails immediately. postal address
  • Copy Copy to a spreadsheet or use a QR code
  • Email Receive emails mechanically. Letters and appendices
  • Receive instant email notifications. cards
  • Read the email you received. Email with attachments
  • ● Download source code (EML) with attachment
  • Quickly delete or generate new emails. postal address
  • Selected e-mail address. Name of post office
  • Hide annoying mail
  • No registration required

Create a temporary email. cards
Protect your privacy and privacy by not allowing annoying mail in your mail
Receive multiple or individual attachments that can be downloaded via email. post
Л El. Messages are deleted forever

  1. Generate a new email right away. postal address
  2. Generate multiple emails. postal address
  3. Copy Simple copy from memory of fragments
  4. Get a message
  5. Receive emails automatically. cards
  6. Lectures receive emails. Letters with attachments
  7. Remove and / or paste immediately
  8. Free completely free

What about the Tempe Mails program that you can do?

Temporary Email Address Temporary Email Address Free You can create a temporary email address right away. Email address and receive an email immediately. Attached letter to your temporary mailbox. I can do it.
This unique mailbox helps to remove junk mail and fraud from the main mailbox.
Alsoshte is also an ideal solution for dealing with dubious newspapers, worlds and websites.
Temp-Mail - an advanced and flexible email service that helps prevent spam and keep you safe.

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : 5.4Mb

Current version : 1.3.1

andorid : 4.1 up to 10

installed : 50K+ 


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