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            How to unban whatsapp number  

Why WhatsApp is blocking your number and how you can protect it (video and PPT)
WhatsApp is limited to your phone number

Many of you have seen the WhatsApp message above, which will surprise you. You ask yourself why this happened and what you should do to avoid it. Because you have to break their terms. WhatsApp is temporary and permanently blocks accounts in two ways.

A temporary ban usually lasts 8 to 24 hours and is called a permanent ban. With no record or information for the ban, customers can argue why your number has been blocked. Because your WhatsApp account is limited, WhatsApp will give you an email with terms and conditions from their list of services. You have come to this relationship. You are encouraged to use WhatsApp properly. The following applies to WhatsApp's terms of service, but does not explain why your number has been blocked.

But nothing explains why your number was banned. You are confused and confused.
Reasons to limit your number.

        We need to understand that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, a commercial company. Their goal is to increase their income and profits.
        Their 20 million customers are the largest revenue-generating assets and API business they offer.
        As long as the service is clean and free, their customers will continue to grow.
        If someone sends a lot of WhatsApp messages, the service will be bad and WhatsApp will lose its users. (Remember, consumers are their assets.)
        So if you spam, they will block you.
        WhatsApp generates revenue through APIs and other automated services.
        So, if you use other tools to test these features, WhatsApp will block your number as well.

WhatsApp blocking It is common practice to depend on the device you are using. Of course, the reason or reason for banning this device is unrelated to your number.

WhatsApp processes a cache on the server, not the back of the server. So there is no difference in the device. This tool is misused. But hey, you don’t need a WhatsApp marketing tool, everything is built-in.
Why did you block your number?

    Use third-party tools to automatically send WhatsApp messages.
    Send more messages in less time.
    Suddenly the message level rises. Especially with the new number.
    Deliver one message to several people at once.
    Reports received v / s incorrect. Sends large numbers of messages, but receives very few messages.
    Messages can also be sent to insecure networks. It just means you are sending messages to strangers.
    People report or block you. This is the # 1 reason to ban your number.

How to activate WhatsApp number blocker?

    Write to [email protected] with your email address. Explain how to use it and ask permission to remove it.
        When you receive a message that limits your number, two faces show you. Support and turn off.
        Click Support.
        For any reason, do not click on any of the above on the other screen.
        WhatsApp will open your mail service and create a message. Don't click now.
        There are two things to do before posting.
            Change the email id to [email protected] (support for the first post will say something like س smb.whatsapp.com - this will not work).
            Write your own message because your number is endless.
        Please enter the correct log file
    You will get an automated reply saying they also acknowledge this.
    In 4-24 hours you will get a response and your WhatsApp number will be activated.
        It may be possible or based on the availability of these servers.
    Restriction - there is a permanent restriction after 2-3 restrictions. After that, WhatsApp will not respond to email queries.
    Please note that a guarantee that the above work will not always be complete.
    We need to keep in mind that WhatsApp is a private company, not a corporate government. Not for

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