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google can't verify this account belongs to you

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What happens when your Google Account is turned off and tips on how to restore it
There are several Google services and products used by billions of Internet users without paying directly for them. From search to maps, YouTube, Gmail and more, almost all are free. What's even more interesting is that you only need one account to access all of Google's services. But what happens if Google disables this account?
Are you losing access to all of its products? How do I recover a disabled Google Account? We explain everything in this article.
Why Google is disabling your account

There are many reasons why Google disables a user account and we discuss everything below. In short, if you use a Google Account (or any Google Service) for activities that violate Google's policies and Terms of Service, your account will be disabled.

Some of these activities include, but are not limited to:

False identity / fraud: If you create and use false pretenses in any of its services, your account may be deactivated.
 Creating a non-human account is a violation of Google's Terms of Service.

Violent Content Advertising: Sharing content that encourages violence, sexual abuse, or terrorism on any of its services through your Google Account may also be temporarily or permanently suspended (your account).

Other important reasons why Google disables your accounts include using its services for malicious purposes, such as fraud, account hijacking and more. You can learn more about why Google Accounts have been turned off at the Google Accounts Help Page.

Interestingly, your Google Account may also be disabled for a few strange reasons, such as changing your password when you sign in to a new computer or just using a Google Account on another computer, as reported by these Google users in The Gmail community.
What happens when your Google Account is turned off?

When Google disables your account or notifies you that your account has been disabled (they always do), you will no longer be able to access all Google services and products associated with the disabled account. Notification of the decision to deactivate your account is usually sent by email. Via email or text message if you have a phone number associated with your Google Account.

When you sign in to a Google service with your account disabled, you receive an error message telling you that your account has been disabled. You'll also be asked to visit the Google Account Help page to learn why your account was disabled and how to restore it.
What happens to your data

Once your account is disabled, it's temporary - at least at an early stage. Google allows you to restore a disabled account in the past, and the files and data associated with the account are temporarily unavailable. However, you need to act fast if you ever want to retrieve your data.

Disabled accounts will eventually be deleted from Google's server. Guess what is also deleted? Account details. All emails Mail, photos, videos, contacts, Google Drive files and all other data stored in your account. All are deleted
If you can prove to Google that you have not violated any of its Terms of Service or Terms of Use, your account will be reactivated (along with its details) and restored. And how to do it? We explain this below.
Restore a disabled Google Account

When logging in to a disabled account, press the "Try Restore" button to file an app recovery appeal.
You must then enter an email. The postal address where the result of the appeal is communicated. Finally, you will be asked to go in and submit an appeal in the field provided.

Will you still be able to use some of them?

Note: Use alternate emails. A mailing address that is active and not disabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive news about the appeal request.

Or you can visit the Google Restore / Appeal page and fill in the required information on the page.

It usually takes approx. Some users reported that it took up to 5 days, while others took a little longer. During the appeal, Google reviews your account and its contents to determine whether or not your account should be restored. You will be notified by email of the outcome of the appeal. Via mail.

Note: The outcome of your appeal is final and cannot be challenged. In addition, you can not appeal a second time.

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