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Muhammad usman

 “Sms-man” allows you to receive regular text messages and phone numbers to associate with more than 500 popular services in the best way possible.

The website is designed so that you can receive messages every day or night.

Pay service is a mobile number that allows you to receive limited messages at the time of payment.

Phone numbers are always available to receive text messages from 270 countries around the world.

Thanks to a simple and straightforward API, text messengers are automatically available by connecting their products to SMS-Man.

Telephone numbers for worldwide registrations
The SMS service allows you to purchase an entire phone to receive text messages and pay for an unlimited amount of time required to receive a text message.

The first complete option for those who need to advertise and activate the number to register on the website. However, if you choose to pay for a mobile number, you will have the opportunity to use that number to withdraw your savings and register with other websites as needed.

We work with local records in many countries, allowing us to receive text messages and give customers multiple mobile phone numbers to keep our website secure. Therefore, you can use the services of our company at any time.
Receive text messages and phone numbers
We encourage our customers to send text messages and phone numbers from 270 countries around the world. You can choose mobile phones that correspond to the country and the amount of deposit.

Alternatively, you can pay for phone numbers with many payment methods. We accept payments in rubles, dollars and cryptocurrency. This will help you find the phone number that can be registered anywhere in the world.

Another reason to get a phone number from SMS Man is the customer’s full name. We do not ask you to provide a quote, send a copy of your ID or show any other information. If you want to buy a mobile phone number from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or China, USA, Germany, you do not need to provide your own information when registering.
How to get a phone number in four easy steps
The owners of SMS-mann help to create a cheap and affordable text messaging service that allows users to create a phone number to receive text messages in seconds. Access to money is our highest priority.

If you want to receive text messages and phone numbers from our service, you need to complete 4 simple steps:
1. Complete the registration on our website.
2. Check your account if necessary.
3. Write to the service you want to register via SMS.
4. Buy your favorite phone number.

If you are looking for a better service via SMS, choose Sms-man. Try our service and you will see good consultation with real professionals!

We employ companies in different countries and territories, give you a large number of texts in an SMS, and maintain your website every day We do not add professionals, everything is automatic and complete because we are the best at it!

Get phone numbers in seconds!

SMS-MAN was also designed to improve the quality of service for those interested in engaging with other paid services on websites that need to be authenticated by sending text messages and mobile phone numbers.


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