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 TextFree is now a free application for sms and calling your 2nd phone number. This gives you free texts and real US phone numbers so you can SMS anyone, even if you don’t currently have the app. Now you can send messages for free with features like free SMS messaging, group messaging, MMS messaging without pictures, SMS and international calls, voicemail, and more.

User User Parameter - a predefined number

Unlike Text Me, Text Now, Text Plus or other apps, TextFree lets you select an area code and get an elegant phone number like “(555) 414-SARA”, “(555) 500-2525” or Set. The "JUST4U" combination.

SMS SMS and unlimited pictures

Send SMS with unlimited SMS and MMS for free.

Free Search

App-to-app calls and incoming calls are of course free. International calls are a few minutes away, easy money or super cheap shopping. Hello because search in Mexico is now supported.

Unlimited minutes

Enjoy unlimited call minutes, toll-free numbers, orders and more with TextFree Plus.

# ️⃣ Second Phone Number

If you have a number two line, you can call Granny’s phone line, message pizza, and sms on your cell phone. This also means that free MMS and SMS are available to all your friends.

🔒 Other privacy

# 2 for Dating, Craigslist, online forms and more - Protect your privacy with TextFree.

Chat Group chat

TextFree is suitable for free MMS group messaging with friends. You can create groups, leave groups, add members and join any conversation with real SMS messages (or free MMS).

Switch any device to your phone

Don’t have a service message to call your service provider? Do you want a second phone number? No problem. TextFree can turn your desktop, tablet or other Android device into a phone for free SMS and phone calls. Send free messages to all of these devices.


Don’t pay for apps like textPlus, TextMe, Talkatone, and TextNow when TextFree is the original and best free messaging app and number two phone number.

Law️ Law

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Free Online Messaging Platform

Free Text is a new software package that allows users to send and receive messages over the Internet. Those who don’t want more sophisticated programs like Skype or Google Hangouts may want to download this package because it’s so lightweight. The system is free to download and install. After completing the registration process, users can immediately chat.
Main features and functions

The basic principle of Free Text is simple: Unlike paying to send or receive text messages, users who are not involved in a service bill are given a phone number that they can use. These online numbers become available upon request. Direct connection to the Internet. No personal data is stored and the communication system is very secure.
Other benefits

Registration only takes a few minutes. Even existing social media accounts can now be used. However, some people may decide to cancel the registration by giving basic information such as user names, e-mail address is correct, and a password. The app is available to U.S. and international customers.

Free SMS - Send free SMS and calls. How to send free calls and text messages to all your contacts. The app can be downloaded and used for free on Android phones, gives you a special US phone number and all the benefits of a regular phone package. Even if your device doesn’t have the Free Text - Free Text + Call app installed, you can call anyone and send a text message. Send regular SMS messages, join group conversations, or send multimedia messages to friends and family.

Do I have to hang out? Enjoy international calls and text messages even when you are abroad. Enjoy all this and more without the need for an expensive data plan and monthly subscription.

You just get a unique number

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