SMS-Activate virtual numbers for PVA by Muhammad usman

SMS-Activate virtual numbers for PVA

Muhammad usman   

 SMS-Activate.ru will receive a virtual SMS account to activate certain services.

What does SMS Activation offer?

IV. Confidentiality. We all know what will happen if you build your own phone anywhere. SMS to phones, loans, dentists and other services do not cause confusion. How can this be prevented? When registering, enter into the app the virtual number you purchased from us, you will not be exposed to annoying services and spam emails.

Save You get ad notifications for huge discounts or bonuses, but why only use them once? This is not a problem right now. Buy a virtual number, sign up for another account and use the promotional number once. Legal websites: tax collectors, distribution services, markets and more

* Income Can you participate in SMMs, goals, events and other social media events? Do you need an account and phone number? You don’t have to rush to find a number at a mobile phone store! You only buy our application number! Short-term rentals: active and long-lasting.

We offer two types.

You can receive unlimited SMS messages for selected services within 20 minutes of confirmation. Therefore, this address is popular with people who have written an account, work and are not afraid of the future. Use promo and bonus codes. We just took this message from us. If you do not receive the number, we will refund your money.

This is useful for those who want to make sure they have a long-term rental account. Your landlord can receive an SMS each time your account is returned. This amount is available for UP to 12 weeks. If you do not receive an SMS with the number within 20 minutes, you can delete this number and the money will be returned to your account. If you do not receive the SMS and more than 20 minutes have passed, you cannot cancel the rate. Figures sold for rent will not be resold for the same service.
We do not use human resources, direct messages are automatically processed, so the cost of our service is low and the speed of sending SMS is expensive.

There are more than 180 countries, new countries, different countries and foreigners, which are added constantly.

We have been working since 2015.

Additional Information :

update : one day ago

Size : 6.8

Installed : 100K+

Current version : 1.3 

Requied andorid : 6.0 up to 10

online sim site : click here


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