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7 Types of Insurance
Muhammad usman

Type of  Insurance : 
  1. Life insurance
  2. Property insurance
  3. Marine insurance
  4. Fie rinsurance
  5. Liability insurance
  6. Guarantee insurance
  7. Social insurance
  8. Car insurance
  9. Life insurance
  10. Health insurance
Life insurance
life insurance is the best insurance for own life.insurance differenr denifites car insurance.
life insurance for example you dide during working and insurance compuny pay hight dollor own your familes and yor childern for living life.
Car insurance 
car insurance is own car insurance for benifites own your for example suddendly your car is going to accident all using car damige pay car insurance company dont worried and take easy and enjoy your trip but you khow fast driving is dangoures, so please slow drving and save life .
health insurance
 health insurance for your saftely body and physicelly fit net . health insurance is best for insurance company. you khow for example you born by mistake your have flu and headpain than go to health insurance company paid yor all bill payment because your have health insurance good .
Property insurance
Property insurance is the best insurance company . Property insurance have your all
Property paper checking.
Property insurance is pay to all Property insurance you make for Property insurance is best company .

Marine insurance
Marine insurance is bhari ship and samreen ship you have own it is possible ,
Marine insurance is best Marine insurance company is the best company. for example Marine insurance damage is all material and lose owner company
Fire insurance
 Fire insurance is the best  company. go to fire company and make your own
Fire insurance . fire insurance is benifites and more suspence. for example fire is hight own your bussince and pay fire insurance pay all bills
 Guarantee insurance
Guarantee insurance is the best Guarantee insurance company .
Guarantee insurance is the sicert company Guarantee insurance is pay all bill of your company your reading books.
  Liability insurance
Liability insurance is the best company for Liability insurance . Liability insurance is make your own books and liability insurance.
 Social insurance
Social insurance is the best insurance of social media site.it hacked your any social media sites and than go to Social insurance company and recover your account be happy

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