Zarchiver app by muhammad usman

Zarchiver app 

Muhammad usman

ZArchiver is a history management program. It has a simple and healthy interface.

The app does not have Internet access so you cannot transfer any data to management or people.

ZRchiver allows you to:

Creating compatible file types: 7z (7zip), compression, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), xz, lz4, wire, zst (zstd);

ZArchiver - Delete Android zip files.

Check the content of the page: 7z (7zip), sip, rar, rr5, bjp2, gzip, xz, anya, tar, ric, taxi, lz, lh, lizma, xr, tgz, tbz, z, dev, rpm, GPEX, MTZ , CM, DMG, CPO,

- Creating and opening protected passwords;

- Document editing: file / delete directory (compression, 7zip, tar, apk, mtz);

- Create and open multi-page sections: 7z, RR (press);

- Some records have been destroyed;

- Open the catalog;

- Open the mailbox;

- Delete various entries: 7z, Zip and Rar (7z.001, Zip.001, Part 1. Thunder, Z01);


- support for multiple functions (suitable for multiple processors);

Supports UTF-8 / UTF-16 on behalf of the document.

- Allow stamp on document name;

- No special decisions required.

- You can select a document by clicking on the icon on the other side of the track name.

ZArchiver - Delete Android zip files

Short research:

Q: What is the secret key?

Answer: Generally, some records can be hacked, and only a private key (don't use a secret phone key!) Can be used to open this record.

Q: Is the system not working properly?

A: Send an email with a description of the problem.

Q: How do you keep minutes?

Solution: Select all the reports you want to summarize by clicking on the icon (on the left side of the document name). Click on one of the selected topics, then select "Packages". Select the alternative you want, and then download OK.

ZArchiver - Delete Android zip files

Q: How do you leave records?

Answer: Click on the registry name and select the appropriate option ("Delete Here" or higher).

7Zip 7Zip allows you to manage historical records in applications like Zip (7z Configuration), RAR, Mailbox or APK.

When you take notes with the editor, share, open, view, or quickly create your own document, you work effectively.


- Support for all standard file type configurations (ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, 7JAR, JAR, APP, TAR, GZIP)

- Passwords (or open documents) to create passwords for printing documents

- Create arch files that support high compression, such as 7 or tar compression.

- Open the IP compression directory or delete 7 encrypted documents or 7z encryption (you must know the password, not complete the 7z password)

- See collection of books with multiple entries: 7Zip, 7z, Wire, Accessories, Bag, Rar

- Change Wallpaper: When closing the program, create, delete or open the registry as follows

ZArchiver - Delete Android zip files

- Introduce standard registry services from the Page Director such as Startup, Copy and Delete

- Change events and case reports

- Plugins allow you to open records by selecting a combination of external documents to add (for example, 7z)

Now use 7Z:

Check the entries in the envelope by placing them in a closed book. Cryptography is one way to ensure storage security.

Writing allows you to reduce the size of bookmarks or editors. You can save multiple documents to a convenient directory, making it easy to email or share.

To save space on your Android device, you can download snapshots and reports used on your device. If necessary, they can be updated.

ZArchiver - Delete Android zip files

More About History:

There are several flower arrangements, each with its own weight.

Supports all historical documents such as 7Z, 7ZIP, 7Z, RAR, ZIP and unstructured files.

Permanent records are usually online and must be removed from the product before use. You must open the document before use.

In some cases, the record can be troublesome. This means they need a password to delete it. The secret key is identified by the original author, and is often remembered by the novice.

Additional Information

Update : one day ago

Size : depent on mobile

Installed : 10M+

Current version : Version of mobile

Requied andorid : 5.0 up to 10 


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