Second Phone Number: UK & US by techairdrop

Second Phone Number: UK & US



The best virtual phone number app trusted by millions of users. Get a new phone number to text and call!

Need a phone number for SMS authentication or privacy?
Do you need a local number for international calls and transactions?
Looking for cheap international calls and texts?

Dingtone eSIM is ideal for connecting to social networks, sending SMS and international calls.

Why use sound effects?
Get a new phone number for yourself or for yourself.
Send and receive SMS and MMS messages.
Free phone calls and free bills.
Big phones, mobile data and HD Voice over Wi-Fi.
A group of more than 100 people

International phone number
Dingtone eSIM allows you to receive local phone numbers in more than 300 area codes including USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Poland, Austria, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Malaysia Is. , Denmark, . Romania is a country. You can turn your Android into a phone.

Free calls and SMS messages
Dingtone eSIM is very safe to receive SMS verification codes, you can send free SMS, free calls when you get free call credit, our SMS messaging system is very fast.

Real numbers that help protect your privacy.
Get real number without inserting new SIM card. You can send messages from another line without revealing your GSM number, and your personal details will not be shared with popular apps and websites.

Select the row.
Voice calls are routed only through the latest DingTone audio system. For many DingTone users, free calls with HD Voice technology are better than traditional phone services.

Cheap or free international calls.
Call any number in over 200 countries Calls and texts between DingTone agents are free. Stay in touch with your friends and family with Dingtone eSIM!

Great value for money
DingTone eSIM offers many advanced features such as direct voice transmission. Close, Continue, Record, etc.  

app info :

update : two day ago

Requied android : 4.4 up to 10

Download : 10M+

Version : 5.9.1


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